Wedding Wishes: What to Write on a Wedding card

Wedding wishes can seem like a daunting task when it comes to picking the right words to say on a wedding card. The pressure can be especially intense if it’s coming from close friends or family members of the happy couple! This is why we all need to put our anxiety aside and take a moment to share our joyful intentions for the soon-to-be-married pair. From heartfelt congratulations to humorous anecdotes, all that matters in these 18 wedding wishes is that your sentiment reflects your true feelings about the occasion. So instead of stressing, have fun writing personalized messages and be sure to end with an optimistic outlook for the future – and maybe even a joke or two!

Wedding wishes don’t have to be serious all the time, especially if you know the couple well! Writing something funny on a wedding card is fun and could even bring a smile to the couple’s faces. “We can’t promise you a happily ever after, but we can promise you lots of laughter (as long as you don’t do any dishes). Congratulations!” or “It takes two to tango and now you have each other for the rest of your lives. May your love story never end!” are both heartfelt but lighthearted messages that make great wedding wishes. No matter what type of Wedding Wishes: To Write on the Wedding card you choose, wishing the newlyweds health, happiness and love will always be appreciated.

Wedding wishes are hard to come up with, but it’s so important to make sure the couple knows how much you appreciate them getting married! Wedding cards can be sweet and serious or funny, depending on what kind of relationship you have with the couple. It’s always nice to start off by expressing how happy you are for the newlyweds and how excited you are for their future together. Then think about a funny moment from your own relationship with the couple that captures your feelings towards them—the memory might be something as simple as sharing an embarrassing story. Wedding wishes don’t all have to be lovey-dovey messages—a good laugh will still show how much you care about the couple and celebrate their special day!

As the newlyweds embark on their next adventure together as one, wedding wishes should be written on their wedding cards to ensure a successful union. Whether it is well-wishes for a lifetime filled with laughter and joy or simply some comic relief to lighten up their big day, make sure your wishes incorporate a bit of everything! Perhaps one wish should be that when arguments arise, they have the wisdom to choose love rather than compete. Make sure you bring smiles to the happy couple’s faces as they read wedding wishes that have been carefully crafted just for them.

Thinking of wedding wishes can seem like a daunting task, but the happy couple certainly deserves to be sent off with some sentimental words. If you want to make your wedding card special, then being funny can make all the difference. From wishing that they both fly off into the sunset and get married every year to tell them to keep a daily count of how many times each spouse says ‘sorry’ – it is sure to be appreciated! All joking aside though, the best line to put in any wedding card is just writing something heartwarming and sincere – something that expresses how eager you are for the newlyweds and how excited you are for them!

You can put in a bit of thought and creativity while writing the perfect wedding wish – one that will encompass all your congratulations and feelings into a few words. From heartfelt jokes to funny limericks, why not push the boat out with unique and amusing wedding wishes to make the special couple smile? After all, anything goes when it comes to wishing newlyweds on their big day!