Wedding Planning Tasks to Give Your Fiancé, Because He Needs to Be Involved Too

Wedding Planning Tasks to Give Your Fiancé. Congratulations! You said yes and you’re hitched, which means wedding bells are on the horizon. However, don’t make the mistake of leaving all the wedding planning to your bridesmaids. Your fiancé needs to be involved too! Whether you think he has a say in your big day or not, he does. Here are some wedding planning tasks to give to your fiancé to help him feel involved in the process.

Choose the Groomsmen Attire

Your fiancé may not have an opinion on flowers and dresses, but he definitely knows what he wants his groomsmen to wear. Wedding Planning Tasks to Give Your Fiancé. It is important to involve him in the process of choosing the groomsmen’s attire, which will also give him the chance to contribute to the overall theme of the wedding. You can give him a list of options to look through or plan a shopping trip with him to pick out the perfect suit or tux.

Contacting vendors

Wedding Planning Tasks to Give Your Fiancé. Your fiancé can take charge of finding and contacting vendors for your wedding. Whether you need a florist, a DJ, a caterer, or a photographer, he can do the research and reach out to them. Make sure to give him a detailed brief of what you’re looking for and a budget to work with. You can also create a spreadsheet or a shared folder where he can keep all the contacts and quotes for you to review.

Plan the Honeymoon

Let’s face it; we all know that the honeymoon is really the only thing that your fiancé really cares about when it comes to wedding planning. Wedding Planning Tasks to Give Your Fiancé. Let him take the lead on planning the trip of a lifetime. He can research different destinations, hotels, and activities to do while you’re there. You can always give your input and work together to finalize the plans.

Make the Playlist

Music plays a big role in setting the mood of your big day, and no one knows your fiancé’s taste in music better than he does (hopefully!). Let him have full control of the wedding playlist and give him the opportunity to show off his musical taste. You can work together to edit the playlist and add any wedding classics or songs that you both love.

Managing the guest list

This is a tedious task that can take up a lot of your time and energy. Give your fiancé the responsibility of managing the guest list, from organizing RSVPs to making sure everyone has a seat at the reception. He can also coordinate with the catering team to ensure that the right number of guests is accounted for. Make sure to provide him with a master list of your guests and their contact information, as well as your preferences for seating arrangement and meal selection.

Schedule the Bachelor Party

The bachelorette party may be all about the bride, but the bachelor party is the groom’s chance to celebrate with his friends before the big day. Give your fiancé the task of planning his own bachelor party. He can decide on the location, activities, and guest list. Just make sure that you both agree on the plans beforehand.

Research Wedding Traditions

It’s important to honor traditions and customs, and your fiancé can take the lead on researching different wedding traditions or rituals that you both may want to incorporate into your wedding day. Whether it’s a cultural or religious tradition or just a fun wedding custom, doing research together can help bring your families and cultures together on your special day.

In conclusion, wedding planning can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be one-sided. Giving your fiancé specific tasks to complete can help him feel more involved in the process and allow you to work together to plan the wedding of your dreams. So, assign some wedding planning tasks to your groom, and remember to have fun through it all! Happy planning!


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