Things Your Wedding Dress Consultant Won’t Tell You

Things Your Wedding Dress Consultant Won’t Tell You (But Wants You To Know!) . Picking out a wedding dress is an incredibly fun, nerve-wracking experience. It can be a challenge to get the perfect look—and it’s hard not to want to try on every dress in the store! But before you venture into your wedding dress consultation, here are some insider tips that your wedding dress consultant wishes you knew.

Things Your Wedding Dress Consultant Won’t Tell You. Wear something comfortable and easy when you come in for the appointment. While your dream gown might look amazing with sky-high stilettos, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable during your appointment. The same goes for undergarments—if you don’t already have one, bring along a strapless bra and shapewear to make sure everything looks smooth and even underneath the dress.

Things Your Wedding Dress Consultant Won’t Tell You. Bring photos of styles that you like—but don’t limit yourself! It’s great to come prepared with photos of styles that appeal to you, but keep an open mind when looking at dresses in person. Try on a style or two outside of your comfort zone; you might be surprised by how much you like them!

Don’t worry about sizes—they never mean anything anyway! Every designer has its own size chart, so what’s labeled as a size 8 in one designer may be completely different from another size 8 from another designer. Plus, it’s all about tailoring anyway—so don’t worry if the sample doesn’t fit just right initially!

Things Your Wedding Dress Consultant Won’t Tell You. Don’t forget accessories! Accessories can really help tie together the whole look without breaking the bank—so consider adding a veil or some sparkly jewelry for extra glamour (or just for fun!).

Take pictures during your appointment! This will help you remember each gown after trying them on and give you time to reflect on each option later on in case indecision strikes. Just make sure that no photos are posted online until after the big day so that no one accidentally spoils your surprise!

Remember that alterations are key! A good tailor can work wonders—so don’t be afraid to invest in alteration services if needed (most bridal salons offer these as part of their packages). They’ll help make sure everything fits perfectly and will save any last-minute stress down the line.

Not all fabrics are created equal! Chiffon and organza are great lightweight options for creating drama without being too heavy; however, they can wrinkle easily so it’s important to keep them away from moisture while they’re stored prior to the big day (hint: ask your consultant what fabric will work best).

Have fun with it! Finding “the one” is an exciting process and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying every moment of it (even if it feels overwhelming at times). So take lots of pictures, try on lots of dresses, and most important of all: have fun with them!

Finalize your look early enough; allow at least 6 months for alterations and shipping time if ordering online or from overseas designers/salons so that everything arrives on time for fittings and final touches before taking off for your honeymoon destination!

Most importantly, trust yourself—you know what looks good on YOU best; so go with whatever makes YOU feel beautiful.   Conclusion: Shopping for a wedding dress should be fun and stress-free – but we understand that sometimes decisions can get overwhelming as there are so many options out there! By following these tips, we hope these guidelines provide ease when searching for ‘the one ’ making sure that both bride and groom walk down the aisle feeling happy & ready! Happy shopping!


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