Sophia & Adam Seville Wedding


From shooting the details, bride, the couple’s entrance, the cake cutting ceremony to their first dance, I felt honored to be the preferred photographer at Sophia and Adam Seville Wedding. The love in the air is simply breathtaking. The beautiful duo, amazing families, and well-wishers. And do you know something even more romantic? The elegant sceneries at the Seville venue!

Right from our first contact, Sophia and Adam were humble and apparently, romantic. We had a very good laugh, discussing their first love, what they imagine their Seville wedding to be and how they would love to explore life once the wedding is over.

As you would expect, we had an extensive talk on how detailed they would like their wedding shots to be. They listened to our professional advice; recommendations, and the amazing couples were impressed. And do you know what’s even more impressive? The whole experience. If you would like to learn more about the experience and what the Seville wedding looks like, here is an extensive read for you. Let’s ride together!

Meeting Sophia & Adam

If Sophia and Adam get to marry in another life or galaxy, I would love to be their photographer again. The two people are endowed with humility, graciousness, and elegance. Yet, the pair is one of the most open-minded couples we have ever worked with. In our first meeting, we created a very calming, fun, and enlightening atmosphere. The couple shared their picture-perfect imaginations about their Wedding at the Seville venue.

Sophia would love every possible detail to be taken, while Adam wants her beautiful wife to be captured in her breathtaking nuptial regalia. The lovebirds continue to show public display of action (PDA) as they disclose how they want their wedding images to create a movie they would like to review for eternity. I couldn’t agree more!

As the couples shared a little about their lifestyle and hobbies, Sophia and Adam had a lot more in common than not. While the lovely couples have some differences concerning a few choices, they expressed how they love eating together. The amazing pair loves trying out new delicacies from an experienced chef and traveling across the ocean. Adam loves reading books. More interestingly, he loves telling Sophia about what he has just learned – Sweet!

A Wedding Experience at the Seville – and more

The Seville claims that the venue is the very best for a couple to start their “Happily ever after” – this is so true. At the beautiful Chicago wedding center, it is really convenient to bring one’s dream nuptial experience to reality. This is because the Seville has everything you can probably want to ask. The cuisine is extraordinaire, and the sceneries are mouthwatering while the environment is super clean. It’s a perfect place to host everyone dear to you on your big day.

The Seville offers a complete wedding venue and service. Sophia and Adam’s guests had their full within the 25-foot-ceiling space. As a photographer, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the double staircase, which is perfect for taking shots of the guests and couples entering the lobby. Adding to the magical moment are glittering chandeliers, a spacious dance floor, and visually pleasing table settings. More excitingly, the Seville Wedding features an experienced team that welcomes every guest with a big smile. I can guess that it comes with all-inclusive packages.

As I kept capturing each beautiful moment of the Seville wedding, one couldn’t help but notice the delectable menu options. Apparently, the venue host paid attention to every detail to make the wedding outstanding and unforgettable. Taking shots of the bride, bridesmaid, and cake-cutting ceremony was exciting and fulfilling as their eye-pleasing backdrops as every corner that you turn.

What’s more?

Before wrapping up our experience at the Seville, I didn’t forget to chip in requests to learn about what the Seville offers for our readers. Here it goes!

The prime wedding venue offers sophisticated audio and visual gadgets and techs for a wedding presentation. At the reception, you’ll have state-of-the-art digital up-lighting, Chiavari chairs, a photobooth for memorable images, late-night snacks, decadent four-foot hors d’oeuvre service, and upgraded linens.

For those wondering what the culinary service is like, it’s top-notch. Clearly, the premium package comes with premium liquor, chicken entrée with vegetables and starch, dessert, coffee, milk, and tea. Also, guests get to four-course individually platted dinner, homemade soup, warm rolls, and butter, including champagne. The entree selection range from Chicken Supreme, Chicken Marsala, Chicken Florentine, Chicken Bruschetta to Portobello Mushroom with stuffed vegetable. Each has different sauces and tastes.

Towards the end of an exciting nuptial ceremony, you might want your guest to experience “the Seville Perfect Sweet Ending” package. This features flaming dessert, a fresh fruit tray, and assorted parfaits. Also, guests are treated to ice cream sundaes with different toppings and various liquors, including Bailey’s Irish Cream, whipped cream, Kahlua, and Frangelico. For those who love pastry, the pastry table comes with assorted miniature pastries. The entertainment, fun, and cuisine simply go on and on.


Sophia and Adam Seville wedding was not just an amazing experience but an enlightening one. Photographing the beautiful couples as they dance, engage guests, stand with friends, and enjoy the stunning evening couldn’t have gone any better. The family images are heart-warming, and it’s all smiles going through the rolls together with the humble couple.

Based on first-hand experience, the Seville Wedding stands among the very best. The wedding is emboldened with delicious meals, an experienced team, and a lovely couple who couldn’t get enough of each other. The chair and table arrangement makes it so easy to do my job as the backdrops gave the perfect scenes to capture unforgettable moments. If you plan to hold your wedding in Chicago soon and are still to wonder the best venue to hold it, consider checking out the Seville. As always, the Bingham team will be more than glad to document every moment in pleasing images.

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