Myths about Weddings you probably still Believe

Myths about weddings are as plentiful and varied as the cultures that tell them. From the belief that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck, to the belief that wearing something old will bring you a fortune, people have probably been telling wedding myths since the first union was celebrated! Yet many of us still adhere to superstitions we learned while growing up — or even today. For example, some believe a bride must never wear something blue or that she should carry something borrowed on her person at all times. Still, others maintain that it’s bad luck for fiancées to see each other before saying “I do” or that throwing rice is necessary at any wedding ceremony. These amusing customs and stories may endure for years to come, but in truth, it’s hard to say for sure which ones are real — and which ones aren’t. All we can do is take these myths of weddings with a generous pinch of salt and enjoy them for what they are – lighthearted and fun!  After all, there’s no harm in believing in something a little fantastical if it makes your special day even better. What myths about weddings do you probably still believe? Sure, why not! As long as you remember: when it comes to nuptials of any kind, trust your own heart over superstition every time.

Myths about weddings seem to last forever; despite people knowing that many are unsubstantiated, it’s hard for them to be separate fact from fiction. What we don’t often realize is that these myths aren’t just rumors – they still influence how we approach wedding planning and the decisions we make along the way. Let’s take a look at some of the most pervasive myths about weddings you probably still believe:  That the bride’s parents should pay for the entire wedding; that superstitions like not seeing your partner before you walk down the aisle will bring bad luck; or that an expensive wedding means a better one. In reality, these outdated traditions can lead couples to overspend, leaving them feeling overwhelmed and unhappy with their big day. To have a successful wedding, you must get rid of all unnecessary spending brought on by such myths and create something tailored to your style and budget. Don’t let old-fashioned beliefs control your decisions – create something custom and meaningful!  With this in mind, it’s time to set realistic expectations when it comes to wedding planning and be open to unique ideas outside of traditional norms. Forget any misconceptions – it’ll leave more room for creating a wedding day that reflects your values, passions, and dreams!  All in all, there are plenty of myths out there about weddings that need debunking – don’t let them cloud your judgment as you plan for one of the biggest days of your life. Revel in modern culture instead, with no restriction on what kind of wedding you should have!

Weddings are full of superstitions and lore, and even in the age of big-budget weddings with perfectly curated Pinterest boards, these misconceptions still persist. For starters, it’s a myth that your engagement ring should have a value equivalent to a month’s salary. In truth, couples should choose a wedding band they feel comfortable paying for according to their current financial standing. Another belief that’s been hanging around is that rain on your wedding day is unlucky — but it just isn’t true. Sure, rain may dampen the atmosphere, but it’s not bad luck unless you believe it to be. My personal favorite myth, however, has got to be the one regarding lace being exclusively worn by brides. This idea stems from medieval Germany when peasant women who could only afford simple gowns would borrow their mother’s wedding dresses to wear down the aisle – how sweet is that! So if you’re not a white dress type of gal don’t worry; there’s nothing stopping you from wearing something else! Myths about weddings will likely continue through time and generations, but if you understand where the stories come from and why then it can be fun learning all these little tidbits about them.  At the end of the day its what makes weddings so special after all!