Sugar Grove Vineyard Wedding: Kaitlyn & Jake

Sugar Grove Vineyard Wedding! When two individuals genuinely care, love, and appreciate one another, loving becomes extremely easy. And there are no two lovebirds that are more of excellent example than Kaitlyn and Jake. The two beautiful human beings simply make love so soothing and calming. After spending several hours learning about their life, hobbies and taking incredible images during their nuptials, it’s hard not to believe that true love exists.

And everyone deserves to be loved and to love. All we need is to be genuine, honest, kind, and compassionate. Also, we need to be available, open, and accessible to love. Finding true love becomes more challenging when you never give anyone to move close to you. You can’t be rigid towards everyone and expect people to love you from the get-go. Instead, try to smile more, be receptive to kindness and open your heart. All these are part of what I learned during my gracious time with the pleasant couple.

Making Kaitlyn and Jake’s wedding at Sugar Grove Vineyards and Gathering Place a successful one is a big win for me and the couple. As always, every detail, moment, and smile are probably captured with the best matching backdrop. However, not only were the moments remarkable ones worth sharing with our readers, but the venue was also commendable. For this reason, you may want to get a cup of coffee and sit as you read through our experience with Kaitlyn and Jake’s wedding at the beautiful Sugar Grove Vineyard and Gathering Place. Enjoy reading.

Meeting Kaitlyn and Jake

Not only did meeting the sweethearts make us understand how they want their beautiful day to be captured, but it also tells a lot about their persons. Kaitlyn is a really awesome person who has found a perfect match in Jake. The lovely duo was simply made-for-each-other from heaven. From look, speech, hobbies to approaches to life, they complemented each other nicely. Kaitlyn believes in kindness and generosity, while Jake shares a similar belief. The impressive lovebirds are not only generous but humble. Thus, it was nice listening to their stories.

Kaitlyn had met Jake a few summers ago. While their love wasn’t a case of “love at first sight,” Jake admitted that he had been attracted to Kaitlyn for some time before making his move. And to be honest, Jake made a smart move because any man who shares time with Kaitlyn will surely appreciate her beauty, softness, and humor. She’s a fascinating character who loves to read books, share moments with family and enjoy going out with friends and colleagues. As for Jake, he prefers to spend time at the beach, enjoying the wonderful breeze and nature.

During our discussion, the beautiful couples explained how they would like different moments to be captured. From letter reading, bride getting ready, moments with bridesmaids, the main ceremony, to the dance floor, they want to have every exciting time on record for future reference. They want to look at their pictures some decades from now and relive the experience. As always, we made their desires come through with a series of impressive shots at the amazing Sugar Grove Vineyard wedding.

What you should know about Sugar Grove Vineyard Wedding

Right from viewing the spacious venue to the massive 1870 Grange Hall, the ambience simply feels perfect for the occasion. If you are an individual who is more concerned about the presence of aesthetics and nature, you’ll find several beautiful spots and creations at Sugar Grove Vineyard. Starting with the surroundings, the remarkable space has an expansive landmass with interesting flowers, trees, and grass fields. All these unique and natural elements created the perfect backdrop to capture moments of letter reading, group images for the bride and her bridesmaid, and most importantly, the moment of “you-may-kiss-the-bride.”

The ceremony was done outside with well-arranged chairs beautified with flowers having nerve-calming fragrances. From walking to the dressing room to the alter, every step taken by the beautiful couples was taken. Kaitlyn and Jake made the shots even more beautiful with impressive smiles from time to time. As you would expect, the background did justice to the images too. The weather condition was also a blessing to the beautiful day.

The cake-cutting ceremony was even more exciting, with so many fun-filled moments. Kaitlyn would make a mess of Jake’s mouth with a cake, and the latter did the same for the beautiful bride. And the super couple didn’t forget to pose for the camera with their funny faces, even though their lovely photographers already had the stunning moments already documented in clear and crisp images. If you think that’s the end of all the fun, you are mistaken. You need to see the matching couple performing the Garter Toss. Every toss, movement, winks, and laugh were photo-worthy – it simply doesn’t get more entertaining than that.

What else to know?

Before rounding up, it’s worth mentioning that a wedding at Sugar Grove Vineyard and Gathering Place has pros and cons. To start with, you’ll surely love the beautiful and serene environments. The staffs are quite accommodative and supportive throughout the experience.

Among the details and amenities available include outdoor event space, indoor event space, reception area, and handicap accessible. If you plan to have a guest of about 200, you can count on Sugar Grove Vineyard. Also, you can expect to meet Barn, Loft, Trees, Vineyard, and Winery in the remarkable venue.

Nevertheless, Sugar Grove is not without cons. For instance, covered outdoor space is not available. Also, the management does not have liability insurance in place; the same goes for wireless internet. If you feel that you need on-site accommodation, Sugar Grove Vineyard and Gathering Place may not be your best choice.


Capturing memorable scenes at Kaitlyn and Jake’s wedding was an experience to cherish forever. The humble and kind couples are simply one of the best sets of people to work with. The duo shares a beautiful and contagious smile. Picking every detail of the event was super easy and fulfilling because the venue management makes adequate planning and preparation of the environment. Sugar Grove Vineyard’s wedding was really an experience worth reliving.


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