Incorporating Your Family Into Your Wedding Ceremony

Incorporating Your Family Into Your Wedding Ceremony. Having your family involved in your wedding ceremony is one of the most important ways to honor them and give them a chance to celebrate with you. Finding that perfect balance between incorporating your family into the ceremony without overpowering it can be a challenge. Here are some of our favorite traditions that will make your family feel included without taking away from the moment.

Incorporating Your Family Into Your Wedding Ceremony. The Unity Candle

This classic tradition allows for two families to come together in a beautiful way. The bride and groom light separate candles, then join their flames as one by lighting a larger candle together. This symbolizes the joining of two families, with each individual candle representing each family’s contributions and love. This is especially popular among couples who are blending families or those who want to honor their parents during the ceremony. Unity candles are a traditional yet elegant way to involve family members in your wedding ceremony. The bride and groom each light one of two taper candles and then use these flames to light a single, large pillar candle. This symbolizes the joining together of two families into one. For an extra touch of sentimentality, have each family member bring their own lighter or matchbox when they enter the ceremony venue so they all can participate in lighting the unity candle together.

Incorporating Your Family Into Your Wedding Ceremony. Family Readings

Adding readings to your wedding ceremony is an excellent way to involve family members and add personal touches. Ask a few close relatives if they’d like to read something meaningful during the ceremony, whether it’s a poem, Scripture passage, or even just something heartfelt about marriage and love. This will make them feel special while also giving them an opportunity to contribute in an important way!

Incorporating Your Family Into Your Wedding Ceremony. Rose Exchange

The rose exchange allows both sides of the family to participate in the exchange of rings and vows. During this part of the ceremony, the bride and groom first-hand roses to their mothers as a token of appreciation for all that they’ve done for them over the years. Then, each side exchanges roses with the other—a symbolic gesture of unity between both families.

Wedding Bouquets

Tossing a bouquet is an age-old tradition that serves as a fun way to include some of your loved ones on your big day. Instead of throwing it randomly out into the crowd like usual though, surprise everyone by having your mom, sister(s), or other important female figures in your life come up one at a time and catch it! Even if they don’t actually take home the bouquet as a prize (which is totally okay!), it’ll still be an unexpected surprise for them and make for some really beautiful photos too.

Vows with Family Members

What better way is there to show how much family means to you than by writing vows that include them? When expressing why you’re marrying the love of your life, add special memories with family members or thoughtful words about why they’re important to you both. Not only will this be incredibly meaningful for everyone involved—especially those closest to you—but it will also make for quite possibly one of the most emotional parts of the entire ceremony!

There are many wonderful ways to include your family in your wedding ceremony! Whether it’s through readings or exchanging roses, adding these meaningful touches will help ensure that everyone feels included in this special day and can contribute to making it even more memorable. So don’t forget about incorporating your loved ones into your wedding plans—it’ll make all the difference!


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