How to Plan a Summer Wedding

Summertime is the most popular season to tie the knot, and for good reason. The weather is beautiful, the days are long, and there’s just something about getting married amidst the sunshine and warm breeze. But as any seasoned wedding planner will tell you, planning a summer wedding comes with its own set of challenges. Here are 15 things to consider when planning a summer wedding:

  1. The date: While many couples prefer to get married on a weekend, peak wedding season means that venues and vendors book up fast. You may want to consider getting married on a weekday instead. Popular dates fill up quickly, so it’s important to book your venue and other vendors as soon as possible when you preferred a summer wedding.
  2. The weather: Heatwaves, thunderstorms, and humidity are all hazards of summer weather. Make sure your venue has air conditioning and backup power in case of an outage. While the warm weather is one of the reasons to have a summer wedding, hot temperatures can make it uncomfortable for guests. Be sure to have ice available and consider setting up tents or fans for guests to stay cool.
  3. The dress: A lightweight dress or suit is a must for summer weddings. Choose fabrics that breathe like linen or cotton to avoid feeling uncomfortable in the heat.
  4. The flowers: Peonies and roses are classic choices for summer bouquets, but they can be expensive. Talk to your florist about seasonal blooms that will stay fresh in the heat. Summer blooms are beautiful, but they can wilt quickly in the heat. Work with your florist to choose flowers that will hold up in the heat
  5. The cake: Buttercream frosting can melt in the summer heat, so opt for a sturdier frosting like ganache or royal icing.
  6. The food: Stick to lighter fare like salads and seafood dishes that won’t weigh guests down in the heat.
  7. The guests: Many of your guests will likely be out of town for the summer holidays, so sending save-the-dates 8-10 months in advance is essential. Many people take vacations in the summer, so be sure to send out your invitations early. You may also want to consider having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday to avoid conflicting with people’s plans.
  8. The décor: Simple décor is best for summer weddings – think white lanterns and greenery garlands instead of heavy centerpieces and elaborate flower arrangements.
  9. The favors: Summer weddings offer the perfect opportunity to give out edible favors like jars of honey or fruit preserves. Give guests something they can use to beat the heat , like handheld fans or small bottles of sunscreen
  10. The entertainment: A live band is a great choice for a summer wedding, but they can be expensive – consider hiring a DJ instead.
  11. Photo booth: set up a photo booth with props related to your theme: If you’re getting married at the beach have buckets full of sand with shells sticking out or if you’re getting married do a vineyard theme and have fake grapes hanging from the ceiling. Create a fun environment for your guests while still capturing memories from your big day!
  12. Have backup plans: It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in case of bad weather.
  13. Plan activities for kids: If you have young guests attending, make sure there are activities available to keep them entertained.
  14. Have fun with your invitations: Incorporate summer elements into your invitations – think sunshine, flowers, or beach scenes
  15. Your own comfort. Don’t forget to take care of yourself! Stay hydrated and wear loose, comfortable clothing on your wedding day. Summer weddings are beautiful, but they come with their own set of challenges.

Planning your dream summer wedding doesn’t have to be difficult – just keep these tips in mind and enjoy every minute of it!


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