Fall Cantigny Park Wedding in Wheaton, Illinois: Paige & Tyler

July 30, 2021


Over several years of working as a top photographer within and outside Chicago, I have met numerous eye-pleasing and heartwarming couples. However, for the first time, Paige and Tyler personify the saying, “We can only learn to love by loving.” With seemingly endless smiles, kindness, and sweet words, the sweet couples only express more love as I spend more time with them.

While nodding in agreement for most professional suggestions from us, we enjoyed the ambiance of Cantigny Park and shared some wonderful moments. From learning about their hobbies, desires, and love stories, every minute spent with Paige and Tyler will forever stick with me.

As expected, the beautiful soulmates engaged Cantigny Park management, and we learned a great deal about hosting Fall weddings in a highly hospitable environment. Permit me to walk you through my soul-pleasing moments with Paige and Tyler and some enlightening takes from their  Wedding at Cantigny Park prep. Let’s get started.

Meeting Paige and Tyler

For a start, Paige and Tyler are an adorable duo. While seated and taking a moment to relax before our session, Paige relived how they met through a mutual friend back in college. And the secret to their love’s longevity? They continued learning to love by loving – remember a simple quote I shared earlier? Yes, that’s right! Paige and Tyler is a brilliant description of how you can become a more loving person by choosing to love.

In all honesty, Tyler appears to be the funnier of the duo. However, Paige’s smile is certainly one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen. As such, it was fun speaking with the couple, learning about their romantic lifestyle and decision to tie the knot for good – and I gave an amen to that. Obviously, the sweethearts are best friends and recount how they do everything together, including working in the same field.

Tyler shared how they enjoy driving across the city and exploring new places, especially nature and local restaurants. Paige reminded Tyler how they would love to travel to many places in Asia before 2025 – it’s some dream if you’d ask me! And more interestingly, it’s apparent that both lovers will go out of their way to make their dreams come true for each other. How sweet!

After a sweet and sensational discussion with the two love birds, we started one-of-kind wedding shots across the beautiful gardens at Cantigny Park with beautiful nature and welcoming botanicals doing justice as the backdrop. From the full cherry blossoms to the spring flowers, the garden keeps inspiring different shots as the couple had dream-like moments across the spaces and your favorite photographers come through as always.

Learning the Banquets and Corporate Events Offers at Cantigny Park

Taking a stroll with the blessed couples, we moved on to learn more about what Cantigny Park offers for Fall Wedding and Banquet – and what we learned was pretty exciting! Cantigny offers exceptional settings for different events, especially weddings. The unique park doesn’t only offers the perfect backdrop for any event but also offers upscale venues, scenic vistas, and award-winning cuisine.

Couples may choose from Red Oak Room, Le Jardin, or Woodside Pavilion for an indoor wedding. All the spaces take at least 150 guests comfortably with eye-catching amenities, floor-to-ceiling windows, luxurious seats & tables, and stunning views.

Moving on, we were briefed further about the Cantigny Difference, which is the award-winning culinary team. The brilliants and renowned food experts offer the highest quality cuisine in the best presentation possible. Also, the team supports a personalized menu to meet clients’ expectations. Whether it’s for the main wedding party or after-party, the team is ready to create a perfect and memorable experience.

Perfect Spaces for Fall Wedding at Cantigny Park

A quick look at some recommended spaces for the Fall wedding at Cantigny Park gave us a good feel of what to expect. Learn more about some spaces visited below:

  • Picnic Pavilion

This space is located close to the playground in a public picnic area. Couples who are interested in an outdoor wedding during the fall may rent the space or even for special events such as family gatherings. Picnic Pavilion can comfortably host 100 guests with the management ready to assist with the setup to meet the couple’s needs.

  • Bond Pavilion

Another highly recommended space for an outdoor wedding to Paige and Tyler is the Bond Pavilion, right behind the greenhouse. The space is surrounded by lush greenery and a pond. Like Picnic Pavilion, Bond Pavilion is easily accessible and open to the public. Whether the couples would like to have a special event, family gathering, or an after-party, it’s a highly recommended space.

  • Parade Field

According to the Cantigny park wedding team, this is the largest outdoor space for weddings and all other social gatherings. Couples and individuals can host guests, a run, a fundraiser walk, or a family gathering. Parade Field is grassy and perfect for any event.

What else?

And here are two offers that particularly caught the fancy of Paige and Tyler, probably because it’s very likely to solve their food needs later in the evening of their wedding. At Cantigny Park, there are two cuisine packages available.

  1. Classic wedding package: This covers house wines, domestic beers, imported meats, cheese display, artisanal bread with whipped butter, two varieties of house wine, late evening coffee, votive candles, floor-length linens, custom wedding cake, and lots more.
  2. Luxury wedding package: This covers every item in the classic package, including notable upgrades such as luxury upgraded spirits, upgraded wines, craft, and imported beers, his and her cocktails, butler-passed hors d’oeuvres, champagne toast for every guest, luxury linen package, butler-passed wine across the cocktail hour, and 18-hole golf package for four.


Without any doubt, Cantigny Park offers everything any couple would probably want for their Fall wedding, just as Paige and Tyler found out. From excellent cuisine services, mouthwatering backdrops for unforgettable Fall wedding photoshoot sessions, luxurious venues to noteworthy pavilions, there are many encouraging beauties at the park. And one more thing – don’t forget to keep learning to love by loving!



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