Discover Timeless Elegance at The Capri, Marfa, Texas

Welcome to The Capri discover timeless elegance, an enchanting wedding venue nestled in the heart of the captivating Marfa, Texas. Here, amidst the expansive landscapes and artistic vibes, your wedding dreams come to life. From the ease of getting there to the seamless booking process, The Capri promises an unforgettable experience. As a seasoned wedding photographer who has had the pleasure of capturing love stories at this venue, I am excited to share the magic that awaits you.

Getting There and Parking:

Getting to The Capri is a picturesque journey, with Marfa offering a scenic backdrop as you approach this unique destination. Located conveniently in Texas, the venue is accessible by road, making travel arrangements stress-free for you and your guests. Fear not about parking tickets – The Capri ensures ample on-site parking, so you can focus on the joy of your celebration without any logistical worries.

Booking The Venue:

Embarking on your journey with The Capri is a delightful experience. The venue offers flexible packages to accommodate various wedding sizes and styles. The booking process is streamlined, guided by a dedicated team of event coordinators ready to bring your vision to life. To reserve your special date, simply reach out to the venue’s knowledgeable staff, who will guide you through the details with enthusiasm and expertise.

A Photographer’s Perspective:

Having documented countless love stories at The Capri, I can attest to the venue’s unique charm. The rustic yet modern aesthetic provides a perfect canvas for capturing timeless moments. Natural light floods the ceremony spaces, creating an ethereal atmosphere for your photographs. The thoughtful design of The Capri offers an array of picturesque settings, ensuring that every shot tells a story. As a photographer, I cherish the creative possibilities that this venue unfolds, making it a photographer’s paradise.

Why The Capri?

The couple I had the pleasure of working with chose The Capri for various reasons that resonate with many couples:

  • Scenic Beauty: Marfa’s desert landscape, with its vast skies and open spaces, adds an enchanting and romantic touch to your wedding.
  • Versatility: The Capri caters to diverse wedding styles with its range of indoor and outdoor spaces, ensuring your celebration reflects your unique love story.
  • Modern Amenities: Balancing rustic charm with modern conveniences, The Capri ensures the comfort and enjoyment of both couples and their guests.
  • Exclusivity: The venue offers an intimate atmosphere, allowing couples to share their special day with their closest family and friends in an exclusive setting.
  • Memorable Experiences: The Capri’s team is committed to creating personalized and memorable experiences, ensuring every detail reflects the couple’s distinctive journey.
  • Artistic Vibes: Marfa’s vibrant arts scene infuses an artistic touch into your wedding, creating an ambiance that’s as creative as it is romantic.
  • Scenic Beauty: The Capri’s location is not just a venue; it’s a work of art. The stunning surroundings create a backdrop that complements the beauty of your love, making each moment captured a masterpiece.

The Capri is not just a venue; it’s an experience, a canvas for crafting moments that transcend expectations. From the ease of getting there to the seamless booking process, every detail is designed to make your wedding journey as joyful as the love you’re celebrating. As a photographer who has witnessed the magic of love at The Capri, I invite you to choose this venue for an experience that promises not just a celebration but a cherished memory that lasts a lifetime. I invite you to choose this venue for an experience that promises not just a celebration but a cherished memory that lasts a lifetime.

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