Cantigny Park Engagement Photos in Wheaton, Illinois: Honey & Dan

March 23, 2022


Understandably, the statement, “Love is a beautiful thing,” probably sounds cliché these days. However, we can’t disagree that it’s as true as ever. People live their dream lives with their partners whom they have met for several years, best friends, or a once-upon-a-time stranger they encountered in a church gathering or nightclub. Regardless of your love story, it’s valid and beautiful.

And so was my experience with Honey and Dan! Two happy and sweet souls who are kind to one another and appreciate love at its finest. They share a cool smile, walk together, and relish each other’s presence and attention. Honey and Dan seemed to love nature and appreciate everything within.

But how do I know this? Let me take you through my photography experience and time with Honey and Dan, especially as they prepare for their summer Cantigny Park engagement Photos Session in Wheaton. Read on.

Meeting Honey and Dan

Arguably, meeting Honey and Dan is one of the most impressive and exciting in-person work engagements with couples. The two love birds drove from palatine to catch up at Cantigny Park in Chicago, despite the blazing heat. We met at the park and exchanged a heart-warming greeting. Apparently, everyone is excited about exploring Cantigny Park and what they have in store for us.

Back then, there were major restrictions at the park, preventing us from gaining access to some areas due to the COVID19 outbreak. However, this didn’t limit us from having some brilliant shots and an amazing time. Although the couple planned to have a winter wedding, they were so happy to experience a summer engagement session.

Before moving to a picture-perfect location for wedding photography, Honey and Dan shared a bit about the lifestyles – a conversation I always relish speaking with my client as it gives a good insight on how best to give them a memorable experience in images. Honey and Dan spoke about how they love spending time camping and enjoying bodies of water. The couples certainly have a lot in common, as I often found out in my line of work. They were also nature hiking enthusiasts!

Acres of picture-perfect locations for wedding photography

After a relaxing conversation with the beautiful couple, we proceeded to explore the beauty of the magnificent gardens at Cantigny Park. We enjoyed the beautiful ambiance, walking through the distinctive gardens, and taking beautiful shots in the brilliant poses you can imagine. Honey and Dan couldn’t stop loving the 250-acres of manicured gardens, creating a paradise-like backdrop for their summer engagement. From taking shots of a walk together, a kiss-to-the-head scene, hand-in-hand to a walk up the stairs, every moment was more than worth the shot. Cantigny Park really did justice to the magnificent moments.

A walk across the Ceremony sites

Going forward, we realized that Cantigny Park has more to offer than the picturesque gardens. We enjoyed every moment of walking through the Park and Golf Course, which were available for the wedding ceremony. Planning for their summer the summer engagement at the Park, the couple used the opportunity to learn more about the available ceremony sites – and I must admit that Cantigny park has some brilliant spaces with incredible amenities to make the wedding process a seamless experience. Let’s share a bit.

  • Le Jardin

Here is a perfect space for a Cantigny Park engagement Photos, supporting close to 230 guests comfortably. Le Jardin has the ambiance of romance, and freshness with stunning views. The landscape is simply beautiful. We could only marvel at nature indoors at the spacious venue, soaring cathedral ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Safe to say that Le Jardin has a similar feel and look to an outdoor venue. Walking across the incredible sight, the close by gardens and open patio offers a remarkable view for pictures. Every seat is neat and magnificent for a decent summer Cantigny Park engagement. Apparently, Le Jardin is a spacious venue for larger receptions with dance floors and accommodations – Honey and Dan appreciated the space too!

  • Red Oak Room

Another exciting place that you would surely want to visit or know about is the Red Oak Room, supporting close to 140 guests. The beautiful venue is simply ideal for summer engagement at Cantigny Park. Red Oak Room features a window all around. You’ll probably forget you are standing looking at the magnificent Swan Lake and golf lake. Like Le Jardin, in some ways, Red Oak Room seems to be inspired by nature with a homely feel. Learning about the intimate space at the venue seems to impress Honey and Dan more, which provides a stunning space for the wedding reception. As you probably imagine, Red Oak Room has customizable space that can accommodate different forms, styles, and sizes of weddings.

  • Woodside Pavilion

A look at Woodside Pavilion gave a different perspective from the previously discussed venue. Open for summer engagement, Honey and Dan were impressed by what we saw. Woodside Pavilion is designed to take close to 250 guests for wedding occasions. Also, the venue supports golf outings and corporate events. The elegantly tented venue is located within the grove of white oak trees and catalpa at the park. Hence, it gives a heartwarming feeling of nature. In other words, you’ll probably think that the occasion is taking place outdoor. More interestingly, couples are allowed to customize the indoor venue into their dream wedding space as they choose. Personally, Honey and Dan cherished the elegant chandeliers, premium restrooms, dance floor, entertaining space, and bar.


At the end of our brilliant summer session, we collectively beamed with smiles and agreed that some stunning memories had been created here. The couple gave an excellent remark about the unique wedding spaces and how welcoming the management is. From the beautiful gardens, tranquil water, and unique nature creating a pleasant backdrop, I could only be happy and agreed with the couples that Cantigny Park is an ideal space for a summer wedding. And a quick one for you; the Park has an award-winning culinary team and offers an impeccable experience for you, as Honey and Dan discovered.
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