5 Fresh Wedding Colors for Summer

Wedding Colors for Summer. Summer is upon us, and with it comes the season of weddings. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the happy couple is ready to tie the knot. But with so many color options out there, it can feel daunting to choose the perfect palette for your big day. Fear not! We’ve curated a list of 5 fresh wedding colors for summer. So, sit back, relax, and let us inspire you.

Wedding Colors for Summer. First up, we have coral pink. This vibrant hue exudes energy and warmth, perfect for a summer wedding. Pair it with soft neutrals like ivory and cream to create a beautiful contrast. Bridesmaids can don matching coral dresses, while groomsmen sport tan suits. Add in some lush greenery and you’ve got the perfect palette for a garden wedding. This color is perfect for warm, sunny days and sandy beach cocktails. Coral brings to mind the tropical feeling of flowers and palm trees. A coral and white color scheme with hints of gold is a perfect choice for beach weddings, creating a dressed-up yet relaxed feel.

Wedding Colors for Summer. Next on our list is canary yellow. This sunny shade will brighten up any wedding venue and put a smile on everyone’s face. Complement it with soft blues for a beach-inspired wedding or go bold with hot pink accents for a tropical vibe. For a modern take on this classic color, choose sleek black accents for the ultimate chic summer wedding. Embrace the bright and cheerful season by incorporating Sunshine Yellow into your wedding day celebrations. Yellow dresses for your bridesmaids will add a pop of fun and color, while bouquets of sunflowers create a rustic and vibrant atmosphere. Pairing with gray, navy or light blue, creates an excellent balance of color and a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Wedding Colors for Summer. For those looking for a more neutral palette, we recommend using shades of sage green. This earthy color evokes feelings of nature and can be paired with soft pinks and creamy whites for a romantic vibe. It’s also a great option for a boho or rustic-themed wedding. Mix in some wooden accents and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a laid-back yet chic summer affair.

Next up is lavender, a delicate and romantic hue that screams summer romance. This dreamy shade pairs perfectly with soft blushes and ivory tones for a feminine and elegant wedding. Add in some touches of gold or glitter for a touch of glamour. Lavender also makes for beautiful bridesmaid dresses, especially when paired with fresh flower crowns. Make a soft, yet bold statement by bringing in shades of lavender – a color that is both romantic and playful. Pairing Lavender with pink and rose gold accents adds a touch of whimsy and flirtiness to your summertime affair.

Lastly, we have sunset orange. This bold and vibrant hue exudes confidence and excitement, perfect for couples who want to make a statement on their big day. Pair with deep blues, purples, or greens for a picturesque summer sunset-inspired wedding. Bold brides can even incorporate color into their wedding dresses or accessories for the ultimate wow factor.

So, there you have it, 5 fresh wedding colors for summer. Whether you’re looking for bold and vibrant or soft and romantic, there’s a perfect palette out there for every summer bride and groom. Remember, the most important thing is to choose colors that speak to you as a couple and reflect your love and unique personalities. In the end, the sky’s the limit for fresh and new wedding colors. So whether you opt for tangerine orange, lavender, sunshine yellow, aqua blue, or coral, just make sure it’s a reflection of your style and personality. It’s your special day, don’t be afraid to make it colorfully yours! Happy wedding planning!