10 Things you Should Cut from your Wedding

Things you should cut from your wedding. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to get carried away with ideas that sound great in theory but don’t necessarily add much value. A wedding should be a special day, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that no expense should be spared. You can often find unique items at stores or online that are cheaper without compromising the look. Next, do your research to try and eliminate any unnecessary fees like cake-cutting or corking charges. Thirdly, know when to be thrifty; in some cases renting or shopping secondhand for smaller things can be a great way to save money without skimping on quality. However, if you want to keep your budget in check without sacrificing the wow factor, here are 10 things you can cut from your wedding:

  1. Specialty lighting: Things you should cut from your wedding, forgo expensive spotlights and elaborate displays that could cost up to thousands of dollars. Basic up-lighting found at local party supply stores costs much cheaper and can look just as good.
  2. Bridesmaids’ gifts: while it’s nice to show appreciation to your bridesmaids, there’s no need to spend a fortune on them. A heartfelt thank you card or a small token of appreciation—like a piece of jewelry or a notebook with a handwritten note inside—will do the trick.
  3. Wedding favor bags: Often considered a must-have for guests, favor bags are an unnecessary expense that doesn’t add anything special to the big day; after all, who needs another chocolate box? Instead, consider giving something meaningful like personalized postcards or place cards that double as wedding souvenirs.
  4. Expensive invitations: Beautiful invites may catch people’s attention—but they’re expensive and often give little insight into what your actual wedding will look like. The same goes for fancy save-the-date cards and menus printed on fancy paper stock; opt instead for smaller details such as colorful envelopes and custom stamps that will still impress your guests but won’t break the bank.
  5. Professional videographer: Capturing the event on camera forever is invaluable—but costly when hiring professionals. Consider enlisting friends or family members who are proficient with video equipment to film at least part of the day instead; this way, memory lane footage is not just limited to still photos in an album!
  6. Skip pricey linens in Things you should cut from your wedding, favor vintage color splashes that provide interesting texture at unexpected prices while still communicating the look of festivity desired on a budget-savvy day.
  7. Live entertainment. If you really want live entertainment at your reception, look for local artists or student musicians who can provide excellent quality for much less cost than hiring professionals.
  8. Transportation for all your guests. Unless most of your guests are traveling from far away, consider cutting this cost completely–chances are many will find their own transportation just fine!
  9. Matching bridesmaid dresses. Let them pick something they love in a color palette that works together Unnecessary pre-wedding parties/events like bridal showers etc., which can quickly add up again on nonessential costs!
  10.  Expensive centerpieces/flowers; overpriced entertainment; designer cake accessories; too many attendants; large guestlist sizes (for bigger weddings).  Altogether, cutting out these 10 items from your big day can help you save big time without sacrificing any of the grandeur you have in mind!

By being thrifty and making smart decisions about where to splurge and where to save, you can still create a memorable wedding day without breaking the bank.  Everyone will thank you for it.   In the end, it’s all about love – make sure that is reflected throughout your special day!  Enjoy your happily ever after! With careful planning, you can easily craft your dream nuptials that won’t leave you strapped with debt afterward.


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